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Filtakleen develop the FK100 Portable Biodiesel Filter Unit

Increasingly, sustainable energy will take centre stage for all industrial economies and biodiesel produced from recovered vegetable oil will play a key role.

Biodiesel is not as toxic and is more easily biodegraded when compared to fossil fuels. Biodiesel degrades about 5 times faster than fossil diesel and, therefore, can be used as a solvent to clean up a spillage of fossil diesel. READ MORE >>>

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Technical Support

Filtration systems to suit most clean-up requirementsThese download documents give instructions for installing, operating, maintaining, and servicing Filtakleen By-pass systems. Because of the importance of providing the correct filtration to the equipment, read these documents carefully to become familiar with your Filtakleen systems.

Review and follow all the procedures given before attempting maintenance or service. Illustrations are provided to aid in assembly and service. If there are any questions not answered by these manuals, please contact us at Filtakleen direct.

Please download these useful PDF’s guides to aid your Filtakleen Installations

For more information please email us or call us on Tel: 01752 676000

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