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Filtakleen develop the FK100 Portable Biodiesel Filter Unit

Increasingly, sustainable energy will take centre stage for all industrial economies and biodiesel produced from recovered vegetable oil will play a key role.

Biodiesel is not as toxic and is more easily biodegraded when compared to fossil fuels. Biodiesel degrades about 5 times faster than fossil diesel and, therefore, can be used as a solvent to clean up a spillage of fossil diesel. READ MORE >>>

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Frequently asked questions?

Filtration systems to suit most clean-up requirementsQ1: Will extending oil change intervals invalidate a manufacturers' warranty?
A1: This is a common concern which we’ve heard aired over many years. No truck manufacturer states that by fitting a Bypass Filtration system or extending oil change intervals will they invalidate a warranty. We have letters from every major manufacturer clearly stating that fitting Filtakleen and extending oil change intervals will not invalidate warranty’s. All Filtakleen products are backed by a £1M plus insurance policy which could cover any damage caused by their failure or misfunction. However over the past 21 years with 30,000 Filtakleen systems fitted so far, our insurers have never had to meet a single claim to date!

Q2: What degrades and wears oil out?
A2: Oil becomes dirty and the additives depleted, not worn out, which is why it must be changed under normal filtration conditions. Unless exposed to parameters outside normal use (i.e. over heated/over pressurised) oil will last much longer than suggested by the average oil company. If oil wore out, how does long life oil work? It's the additives which wear out. We hold a US Government paper confirming that oil does not wear out, as such.

Q3: Will synthetic oil allow me to extend change intervals and save money?
A3: Be careful. Filtakleen by pass filtration was originally tested and perfected on a mixed fleet of 80 vehicles operating a variety of work profiles using normal mineral bases engine oil. There is no need to use expensive long life oils which simply hold more dirt in suspension inside the engine. Filtakleen works by constantly removing dirt from the engine, reducing long term engine wear. Miller Oils actually says to customers that using long life oil that utilises Bypass Filtration is beneficial. Another oil company actually accepts that savings attained through long drain oil may have to be weighed against potential increased engine wear.

Q4: Does extending oil changes increase engine wear?
A4: Cummins Engine Co state…’removing contaminants down to 2.5 micron virtually stops progressive engine wear…’ Filtakleen 1-micron filters will keep your oil far cleaner for far longer than normal full flow filters. Tests, and logic, confirm that the dirtier the oil the faster engine parts wear. Here at Filtakleen we are constantly hearing from amazed customers who cannot believe the lack of internal wear on engines with 1 million miles, and more. Filtakleen customers have less soot, cleaner engines, proven over and over again.

Q5: Will ultra-fine filtration remove any additives from the oil?
A5: Typical additives size is around 0.04 micron (1/25th of a micron). Filtakleen will trap particles down to 1 micron, which whilst extremely fine for a filter system, is not too fine enough to trap any of the useful additives. Also, oil analysis shows the condition of the oil additive pack, would be immediately flagged if found deficient. This is another widely spread misconception about Bypass Filtration systems.

Q6: Is Bypass filtration an untested concept?
A6: Bypass, or kidney type filters were first introduced during the Second World War. So simply put, Bypass filtration is most definitely not an untested concept!

Q7: If Bypass filtration is so sensible why don’t manufacturers fit it as standard?
A7: With oil costs constantly rising perhaps one day they all might do. Filtakleen is currently being tested by an oil and an engine company for possible OEM fitment. Scania fit a centrifuge type filter which extends the life of oil, although not in the same way as Filtakleen does and JCB offer an alternate option on some plant too.

Q8: What is a spinner type filter?
A8: A spinner filter works by spinning dirt out of the oil. The filter must be cleaned regularly to remove the build up of spun out debris. A spinner filter will normally only extend oil life by x3 times, because it is unable to remove water. Federal Express went from monthly to annual oil changes by using Filtakleen, a factor of x11 oil life extension. Some reports would suggest additives can be spun out of oil.

Filtration systems to suit most clean-up requirementsQ9: Costs saved by extending oil changes don't justify the cost of fitting Filtakleen?
A9: In the UK each saved oil change is worth at least £50. On this basis a Filtakleen unit will pay for itself after less than 5 oil changes, and keep on earning money and saving maintenance for the rest of the life of the vehicle, then there are the substantial environmental benefits! In the US each saved oil change is worth at least $100, giving a similar payback time. Anywhere in the World, unless you're getting free oil, a Filtakleen makes strong financial sense. Payback will always be between 3 and 8 saved oil changes.

Infact more companies are controlling maintenance in line with ISO regulations which call for regular oil analysis and and oil maintenance programmes. Filtakleen have extensive experience of working with companies to bring oil maintenance up to ISO standards. We would be happy to provide further information if required.

Q10: But by changing my oil regularly reveals to me its condition?
A10: With the Filtakleen system the oil is still seen at the same interval, when the Filtakleen filter element is changed. Any fuel/water dilution or other problems will be immediately apparent from site of the oil at the time of the filter element change. Less exposure to used engine oil, a proven carcinogenic substance, is another possible bonus for mechanics.

Many of our customers, who have come from 'fire fighting' type maintenance, report an astonishing reduction is breakdowns. We are regularly told that since the Filtakleen installation the oil in a machine has never been so clean, or the machine is running quieter. Pro-Active maintenance really does make sense, and Filtakleen should be your first line defense.

For more information please email us or call us on Tel: 01752 676000

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