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Filtakleen develop the FK100 Portable Biodiesel Filter Unit

Increasingly, sustainable energy will take centre stage for all industrial economies and biodiesel produced from recovered vegetable oil will play a key role.

Biodiesel is not as toxic and is more easily biodegraded when compared to fossil fuels. Biodiesel degrades about 5 times faster than fossil diesel and, therefore, can be used as a solvent to clean up a spillage of fossil diesel. READ MORE >>>

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Engine Oil Filtration

Filtakleen removes soot, typical soot levels after bypass fitration register at >0.6%, typical soot levels in unfiltered oil for comparison register at values between <2-6%, incerasing componet wear and tear... so which oil would you prefer in your fleets engines?

Rapid Filter Changes

Filtration systems to suit most clean-up requirementsA simple 5 minute 'no mess' operation without any requirements to tie up valuable pit, mechanic or workshop facilities.  On average major transport operators change oil/oil filters 5 to 8 times a year and some heavy users as often as once a month.

However, once you’ve installed a Filtakleen system – it will allow you to operate up to 160,000km/96,000miles before making main oil filter changes with complete operational reliability.

This means costly, frequent time consuming oil changes become a thing of the past, replaced by a very simple 5 minute cartridge change becoming the regular norm – guaranteeing you real cost savings and savings in vehicle down-time.

In one fleet alone over 100,000 litres of oil is being saved annually. So do please contact us with your fleet operating details, and by return we will calculate the typical savings you could be making!

Once installed Filtakleen's filtering efficiency not only removes all damaging wear particles down to 1-micron, which are too fine to be stopped by the main filter, but it also substantially reduces the corrosive acids normally formed in the engine, by removing water.

As engine wear is directly related to the cleanliness of the lube oil and the amount of corrosive acids formed, the new clean environment you are creating with Filtakleen means a cleaner engine, far less progressive wear, improved emission control and reduced running costs.

...”Removing dirt particles down to 2.5 micron virtually stops progressive engine wear…‘Cummins Engine Company.”

In fact, the finer tolerances of today's diesel engines make the removal of 1 to 25 micron wear particles a necessity and so with Filtakleen, not only is this need being addressed, but so are the environmental issues of emission control and waste oil, so giving both you and the environment.

Filtakleen conforms to ISO 14000 – Minimising environmental impact, and our By-pass filtration system has been certified by the Californian EPA as proven 'pollution prevention technology’.

For more information please email us or call us on Tel: 01752 676000

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