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Filtakleen develop the FK100 Portable Biodiesel Filter Unit

Increasingly, sustainable energy will take centre stage for all industrial economies and biodiesel produced from recovered vegetable oil will play a key role.

Biodiesel is not as toxic and is more easily biodegraded when compared to fossil fuels. Biodiesel degrades about 5 times faster than fossil diesel and, therefore, can be used as a solvent to clean up a spillage of fossil diesel. READ MORE >>>

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Since 1979 we have been designing and delivering fluid, oil and fuel rejuvenation systems to maximise machine operating efficiencies.

Filtration systems to suit most clean-up requirementsWe  design and build filtration systems to suit most clean-up requirements. Our extensive filtration experience enables us to provide options that will suit most fluids, operating conditions and budgets – all will extend machine, engine and component life considerably!

Filtakleen ideal for cleaning Fuels too...

Even the tiniest amount of contamination within Biodiesel can cause failure of fuel systems, even if no immediate failures occur, high particle contamination levels can sharply decrease long-term engine operating efficiency.

Contamination is defined as any substance which is foreign to a fluid system and damaging to its performance. Contamination can exist as a gas, liquid or solid. Solid contamination, generally referred to as particulate contamination, comes in all sizes and shapes and is normally abrasive.

High contaminant levels accelerate component wear and decrease service life. Water is also a contaminant and needs to be effectively removed prior to use. Filtakleen systems with there special cartridge elements, guarantee that fluids are always filtered down to just 1 micron making them perfect for Glycol, diesel, petrol & oil clean-up!

For more information please email us or call us on Tel: 01752 676000

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